April 2020

You thought I was going to tell you how bad this month is expected to be?

Let me tell you something about this April...

They told us this will be the darkest, grimmest and most social distanced month in recent history. But I beg to differ, this month will pass to history as the month where people all around the world made a change in the middle of a crisis.

Let's not forget the time when Isaac Newton changed the world during a quarantine from the plague, he did not wait idle for the plague to end, he continued working in isolation in this serene place where the mind was set free and lead to many discoveries. Annus mirabilis, the year of wonders, that is the name of this period in which calculus, law of gravitation, the color spectrum, these discoveries changed the world forever.

Go finish that book, write a new song, call your dad, your sister, bake a pie, make some tacos, fix the lawnmower, code that great app, learn a second language, donate blood, donate to your local food bank, do 5 pull-ups, then do 10, train like Arnold at home, learn about the current economy, learn about the future economy, lookout for people in need in this crisis, do that thing you always wanted to do but never had time to. Wash your hands, don't touch your face. Stay home.

Let's make this April, the best April in recent history.

Let's all become Isaac Newton this month.